Ignite!Nite pairs interesting ideas with interesting people in a new after-hours experience. Bring a friend and join us for a unique exploration of History Colorado’s stories including our newest exhibition, Backstory. Unlock your inner history geek with a blend of live music, theater performances, conversation, artist and cooking demonstrations, DIY crafts and exhibition tours. Toss in a cash bar, tasty grub and a whole lot of Colorado spirit and you've got a history museum adventure!

New themes monthly.

April 11, 5–8 pm: Cowboy/Cowgirl
Try your hand at trick roping, silkscreen a bandanna, belly-up to the bar for cowboy themed drinks and food, and converse with curators from the Backstory exhibition.

May 9, 5–8 pm: Bison2
From Colorado’s historic bison drives to bison stew, explore our national mammal, and unpack the icon of Bison.

June 13, 5–8 pm: Duel
Dueling madams, dueling guitars, dueling pistols, and dueling gamers. Square off with your friends and learn about Colorado’s historic duels.
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